Working Remotely in a Covid-19 World

Joe Marks
Published on April 30, 2020

Working Remotely in a Covid-19 World

Having a tough time finding balance, setting boundaries, and establishing routine while working remotely during Covid-19? These are just a few of the challenges Dan and Leah Roe of the Perk tackle in this week’s podcast.

Dan and Leah’s have their own business, The Perk which specializes in business coaching and organizational culture consulting. Basically, they are helping people live their best lives and helping organizations build their best business. While helping businesses utilize remote workers has always been a part of their coaching curriculum, the need for guidance around working remotely has, understandably increased exponentially over the last few weeks.

In this podcast, Dan and Leah share wisdom and tips on how to not only juggle the work and family dynamic in this global pandemic we find ourselves in, but also how to lead your people well through it.

My biggest takeaway, compassion is key. We are united in this shared experience and being compassionate with one another is the only way we will come out stronger from this trying time. Be gentle with one another and with yourself. This is not a normal work from home situation, we were never meant to parent, teach, and hold down a full time job at the same time. While you may feel like you are failing at any one, or all of these tasks, hear this, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! This is not normal, you are doing a great job!

Working remotely, especially during this unprecedented time, comes with it’s challenges and Dan and Leah have some great tips to help us find balance and thrive in our current situation.

Tip #1 – working from home with kids:
Do not try to parent and work at the same time! Try to have a daily meeting to determine who is working when and who is parenting when. When you don’t decide who is parenting the kids get even less attention than if you divide and conquer. If you are a single parent household, or your spouse is an essential worker this will look different. If possible, set a schedule each day. Again, compassion is important! This time requires us to take care of ourselves and to take care of others. Know this is not normal, no one is expected to be a teacher, parent and hold a full time job. Focus on progress rather than the end result.

Tip #2 – find your routine:
Bottom line, this is a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. As our time is quarantine continues to lengthen, the juggling has becoming increasingly difficult. One way to manage this new normal is to establish new routines. Try an end of the work day routine. If you usually text your spouse to let them know you will be home form work in 10 minutes, text them from the basement to let them know you’ll be up from work in 10 minutes. Give yourself opportunities to maintain the routine you had in new ways.

Tip #3 – Try and try again:
This is all new…to everyone! The only way we will know what works for our businesses, for our employees, for our kids, and for ourselves is by trying things and making adjustments. Don’t change everything at once, make small incremental changes and evaluate them as you go. If they work, awesome, keep doing it! If they don’t work, try something new. There is no right way to work from home during a quarantine. Just keep trying and know that each day will bring new and different challenges and successes.

We are in this together! Remember, be compassionate with each other and use this time to connect with one another, to deepen relationships and to find the joy in each day. Leah compares FOMO (fear of missing out) to JOMO (joy of missing out). Use this time to evaluate, what am I missing out on that is bringing new joy to my life? How can I use this time to make changes to my life and to create a new normal post Covid-19. We will get back to normal – when this is over, who do you want to have been during this time?

For more tips and videos on managing life during quarantine, check out Dan and Leah’s business website at