The BEST Suburbs of Madison WI!

Joe Marks
Published on January 4, 2021

The BEST Suburbs of Madison WI!

Lets talk suburbs of Madison WI. Are you looking to get out of the city, possibly save a little money, maybe you just like that small town feel, whatever your reason, take a look at 4 of the best suburbs of Madison WI.

While there are many great suburbs of Madison WI, there are 4 that we’d like to highlight as the best that Madison has to offer. There are a couple that didn’t make the list and here’s why. Shorewood is located right in Madison and is often viewed as a neighborhood rather than one of the suburbs of Madison WI. Although we aren’t highlighting it here, Shorewood is beautiful so you may want to do a little research about this area. The other, Maple Bluff, is in fact it’s own village but again, it is surround by the rest of Madison making it feel less like one of the suburbs of Madison WI and more like a distinct part of the city.

Suburbs of Madison WI – Middleton

The first one of the suburbs of Madison WI is Middleton. The population of Middleton is around 20,000 people. It’s located on the west side of Madison and is a quick, easy drive to downtown. Middleton is growing like crazy due, in part, to the fact that it is not land locked meaning that there is still new construction available, a unique feature. Also, Middleton has an adorable downtown area with awesome food, fabulous local shopping, and it offers great walkability.

Middleton schools are another huge feature of this suburb of Madison WI. The Department of Public Instruction frequently ranks Middleton schools very highly. If schools are an important item on your new home wish list, you’ll want to consider Middleton.

Due to it’s location, much of Middleton is on Lake Mendota giving it beautiful views and lots of availability to lake recreation. One of the most popular recreation areas in Middleton is Pheasant Branch Conservancy, an expansive nature conservancy with miles of hiking, walking, and biking trails each offering amazing views of one of the gorgeous suburbs of Madison WI. Even more recreation opportunities in Middleton include the immaculate Bishops Bay golf course. If you are a golfer, you’ll definitely want to play a round at Bishops Bay. Bishops Bay is located on the north side of Middleton very near the lake, in fact, several holes are on the water and offer beautiful views of the capitol and downtown Madison.

One popular Middleton neighborhood is Middleton Hills. With a unique, small, community feel, Middleton Hills has it’s own mini downtown area complete with a grocery store, several coffee shops, and some delicious places to eat.

The median sales price in Middleton is $423,000 which is a little higher than Dane county making this one of the more expensive suburbs of Madison WI. This higher price point can be attributed to a couple of factors, the amount of new construction happening in Middleton as well as the number of lake and high end homes and developments in this area. However, in 2007 Middleton was ranked but Money magazine as one of the best places to live in America. Actually Middleton has, on a number of occasions been listed as one of the best places to live in the U.S. by a number of different publications. Middleton is definitely one of the best suburbs of Madison WI.

Suburbs of Madison WI – Waunakee

The next one of the best suburbs of Madison WI is Waunakee, which is the only Waunakee in the world! Waunakee’s population is 14,000 and it is located just north of Madison which is a little further out from downtown than some of the other suburbs of Madison WI. However, it has an amazingly quaint, small town feel. It is a sprawling suburb due, in large part, to the fact that there is new construction in this area. In fact, many of these new and developing neighborhoods have community pools, pavilions, walking trails, etc. which make them friendly, community oriented places to live.

As is the case in many of the best suburbs of Madison WI, Waunakee schools are very highly rated by the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction.

Housing costs in Waunakee tend to be a little higher than the average cost in Dane County. Again, because it is sprawling and there are many beautiful new neighborhoods being built, the median sales price for Waunakee is $465,000.

Contributing to Waunakee’s unique, small town feel is it’s newly renovated downtown area. You won’t find any big box stores here, only quaint local businesses and great community events! You’ll want to be sure to check out Waunafest! All of these wonderful factors make Waunakee one of the best suburbs of Madison WI!

Suburbs of Madison WI – Monona

Number 3 on our list of best suburbs of Madison WI is Monona. The smallest community on our suburbs list, Monona’s population is about 8,000 people. The reason for this smaller population number is because Monona is land locked meaning it is what it is and there will be no new construction allowed in this suburb. It is closer to the east side of Madison and very close to downtown, only about a 14 minute drive, or a 5 minute boat ride if you are fortunate enough to live in one of the lake front properties in Monona.

Downtown skyline of Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin, USA. After sunset view with State Capitol building dome against colorful sky reflected in lake Monona.

As with many of the other suburbs of Madison WI on our list, Monona is very community oriented and has great schools, according to the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction.

Unlike some of the other suburbs of Madison WI on our list, housing in Monona is pretty diverse. Not only are there beautiful lake homes on the bluff overlooking both Lake Monona and the city, there are also a large number of smaller homes built in a simpler era when that style was popular. Because of this diversity in home styles, the median sales price in Monona is $337,000.

Monona is a great hub for young professionals because it is close to the east side and downtown making the commute to either side of Madison manageable, a huge perk when compared to some of the other suburbs of Madison WI. There are also a number of retirees in Monona due to the smaller home size. This fun mix of people gives Monona a distinct community feel.

There are a large number of outdoor activities in Monona. The Aldo Leopold Nature Center is a large nature preserve right in the middle of Madison complete with walking trails, a learning center and many educational courses designed to bring kids and families closer to nature. Monona is also home to the ever popular Lake Monona loop, an amazingly beautiful bike path that circles Lake Monona.

The convenient location and unique “nestled in Madison” feel of Monona make it one of the best suburbs of Madison WI.

Suburbs of Madison WI – Oregon

Yet another of the best suburbs of Madison WI is Oregon. The population of Oregon is 10,500 people and it is located to the south of Madison, only a 21 minute drive to the Capitol Square. It does feel a little farther out than this time indicates but there is a nice, four lane highway that is nearly a straight shot right to the Capitol building.

Similar to Waunakee, one perk that makes this one of the best suburbs of Madison WI is the sprawling nature of Oregon and the opportunities for new construction.

Again, Oregon has a cute, quaint downtown area and it’s school ratings are typically high.

The Oregon community is very family friendly with sports facilities, community pools, new construction, and, not one, but two golf courses, Foxboro Golf Club and The Legend at Bergamont. Both are beautiful courses full of amazing amenities!

The median sales price in Oregon is a little lower than some of the other suburbs of Madison WI at $370,500. While this number is lower than other suburbs of Madison WI it is still higher than the Dane County median in part because of the homes on the golf course at Bergamont but also because of the new construction being built in and around Oregon.

If you like the idea of having some space but still want to be able to zip into the city quickly, Oregon might be a good choice for you!

There you have it, the 4 best suburbs of Madison, WI! If you are thinking about moving to the Madison area, please reach out. I’d love to help you find the place that is right for you!