2020 Favorite Madison Christmas Lights

Joe Marks
Published on December 2, 2020

2020 Favorite Madison Christmas Lights

Click here for a printable list! 

As 2020 draws to a close and we look forward to the holiday season I am reminded, this year in particular, of how important it is to spend time with our loved ones. While this year Christmas looks different than in years past, some traditions remain. One tradition my family and I love is driving around looking for the best Madison Christmas lights. In an effort to preserve as many traditions as we can in this season of uncertainty and separation, I am pleased to bring you, once again, the Joe Marks Real Estate’s annual list of Madison Christmas lights!

Grab your loved ones and some hot chocolate and enjoy these amazing Madison Christmas lights from the safety and comfort of your car! Our hope is that this comprehensive annual list will continue to help families just like mine find the best Madison Christmas lights!

While there are many wonderful displays on this list, I am always excited to hear from you and to get your expert input. I want this to be a complete list of all the best Madison Christmas lights. If you find Madison Christmas lights that aren’t on this map, please let me know! Any awesome displays should be included! Here’s how to contact me: Email: [email protected] 
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Without further ado, here are my favorite Madison Christmas lights ranked in order from “Don’t Miss It” to “Hopefully the Kids Are Still Awake” (I lost one of mine about halfway through the list 🙂 ). Plus, don’t miss some of your favorites!  Listed below my chosen favorites are your contributions to the Madison Christmas Lights list.  I have also created a map to help you navigate quickly from one home to another. CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP – Red pins are my favorites, green are YOUR favorites

Enjoy these beautiful displays and don’t forget to send me YOUR favorite Madison Christmas lights! 

7006 Colony Dr., Madison – By far the most spectators, plan to circle around a few times to get the best view. Lots of electronically programmed lights featuring a few rope tree displays set to music. Plus some good old fashioned large, color bulbs. 

2984 Cassidy Ct., Fitchburg – Amazing selection of lights and music from classic Christmas songs to fun, upbeat rock and roll. Get in the spirit with this dynamic display! 

2550 Upham St., Madison – This one wins the prize for the most lights plastered on a house, Clark Griswold would be proud! 

5678 Ashbourne Ln., Fitchburg – Impressive home with an equally impressive display. 

2969 Bryn Wood Dr., Fitchburg – How did they get the lights up in those massive trees?!? Any ideas? 

1025 S. Whitney Way, Madison – Right across from the street from the Vitense Driving Range. With so much to see, you might want to go hit a bucket of balls to get the full experience. 

910 Whittier St., Madison – Another tasteful display to get you in the Christmas spirit. 

And now…here are YOUR favorites! 

5206 Wentworth Cir., McFarland – Thanks, Patricia!   

Oak St., Oregon – Awesome addition, Juli! 

Sachs St., Madison – Looking forward to checking this street out, Rose! 

4402 Bonner Ln., Madison – Thanks, Barb!